Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jackson Heights has all the awesome food

Today me, my mom, Uncle Steven, Titi Ana and Terry all headed out to Jackson Heights for Columbian food. Did you know that you could get good Columbian food in Jackson Heights? I sure didn't. Ana has been telling me about it for what seems like a very long time at this point, and so we decided to head out there and see it for ourselves. I've been hearing about the lunch specials for a while - apparently they're only $5.95 and very good. So we all ordered some. Today's special was Sancocho de Gallina. I thought that meant chicken soup, but I was wrong.

First they brought out the soup.

It's kinda blurry, but it had nice flavor. The broth was really savory. I liked the bits of cilantro. The big chunks floating in the soup are potato, yuca (a root vegetable) and chicken gizzard. I thought that this was the whole meal. But then they brought out this:

Blam! Crazy. I liked the chicken quite a bit. It had a nice sauce that tasted good mixed with the rice. My chicken was mostly skin and bones that I picked around, but my mom got a nice big piece of meat. The plantain was a little too dense for me - I like it when it's cooked a long time and kinda falling apart. C'est la vie. There's a corn cake on the plate as well, but it was too thick and very bland. I didn't like it.

Overall, the food was very good and a huge value for the price. Check it out! La Boina Roja Steak House II in Jackson Heights, Queens. I would link to it, but there's not a website. It's at 7705 37th Ave - take the 7/E/V/R to Roosevelt Ave.

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Meredith said...

Yum-O. I haven't been there for Colombian food since college, but I remember it fondly. I think the texture you're thinking of has to do with the ripeness of the plantains rather than the cooking method- maduros (ripe ones) are the sweet squishier ones that you like. The other ones are not ripe and are much starchier. They're best fried as tostones. So there you go.