Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wait, wait.......keep waiting........

As I was uploading my pictures of Gramercy Tavern onto my computer, I came across this picture that I took on Saturday night and promptly forgot about.

It's a good picture, yes? I think so too. For those of you who don't recognize this person, it's Jess Barbagallo dressed as an "imperfect werewolf" for a piece called FOUR OBSTRUCTIONS, written and directed by Tina Sattler. The tagline was "3 collaborators use one monologue to interpret the perfect human, an imperfect werewolf and doo-wop." Doesn't that sound like fun? Well it was.

It was presented at the Ontological Theater as part of a program called "Short Form," where all good former ETW students go at some point or another. The lighting was done by Zack Tinkelman and the amazing sound and music was done by Chris Giarmo. How could I miss that? All my favorite people.

Have you ever seen Jess sing like a rock star? Or dress like a werewolf? You are missing out, my friend. Word around the street is that they're putting it up again in August, so keep your ears to the ground. It's lots of fun.

More on Gramercy Tavern later....I'm such a post tease.


Meredith said...

Hee hee
Hello!! We finally got to an internet place. It's awesme, and I'm sure you'll hear all bout it soon enough

miss yyou!!!

Jess said...

Lena - the money's in the envelope around the back.

But seriously, isn't Lena fucking awesome everyone?