Friday, May 16, 2008

A brief thought

Hello all. I was planning on going to the new 2nd Avenue Deli today to try out their corned beef sandwiches and blog about them, but then my law firm ordered free pizza for everyone. What's a girl to do? Why spend 14 dollars on a corned beef sandwich when you can have pizza for free? I don't know. And so, I didn't.

Sadly, I didn't cook anything last night (Zack and I had leftovers while painting our brand new apartment) and I probably won't tonight either. Don't despair though, in the next week or so, I've got dinner reservations at L'Ecole and Bar Boulud, plus tickets to Boeing Boeing! So you'll be getting a lot of great posts soon.

Stay tuned!

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Leila S. said...


It sounds like you and Zach have moved to a new apartment - congratulations. A post about your new place would be enjoyable to those of us far away on the West Coast!