Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm tired of being the last New Yorker left in New York City

Everyone I know has gone summering somewhere interesting already - be it Minnesota, the Pocanos, Los Angeles or Paris, I've had enough jealousy. I've flown the Big Apple to spend some quality time in Oakland, CA, eating, seeing theatre and watching Obama speak on television with my dad (Zack didn't get to come.....he has a job).

Prepare yourselves for some great posts on the Zuni Cafe, High Tea at the Fairmont, and the difference in ballpark cuisines from Brooklyn to Oakland. Until then, watch this video and think of the democratic process in light of our ongoing Democratic National Convention.

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Meredith said...

I'm in Canada. If I see Anne of Green Gables, the musical, will you think less of me?

MMmm can't wait to hear about Zuni and high tea.