Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lena and Alli: The Search for Knishes

Every time I visit Coney Island, my dad says "You know what you should do? You should walk down to Brighton Beach and get some knishes." Usually, I say "yeah, yeah maybe," but really, I think "eh. It seems kinda far." But this past Friday, my sister and I were down at Coney Island, waiting around for the Brooklyn Cyclones game to start. We rode the roller coaster....

But we still had some time left, so I figured, hey, why not. It seemed like a perfectly good way to spend a Friday afternoon. And so off we went, down the boardwalk. But where are the knishes?

I don't know....maybe let's check the sign.

Still no knishes. Hmmmm.

Let's look a little farther down the boardwalk.

Hey, here we are! Brighton...towers? Well, that must mean Brighton Beach.

There must be a store somewhere that's called "Best Knishes Ever" or something...

Taste of Russia! Close enough. Look at the pretty knishes.

We bought three: raspberry, poppyseed and cheese.

This one looks delicious.

Alli takes a bite.

Yum, poppyseed filling. Love it. And look at that flaky goodness.

I like it too. But I don't like people taking pictures of me.

Let's go back to the beach. Hey, another store!

Potato knishes? Let's try one.

These don't look like our other knishes.

Alli's laughing, but she doesn't like it. They do not hold up to Taste of Russia.

And so concludes Lena and Alli: The Search for Knishes. Stay tuned for trips to many restaurants that feature chocolate.


Meredith said...

Great post- very creative. What a great knish searcher Alli is. Those look way better than the ones on Houston, by the way.

VM said...

I love every part of this post. Seriously. I would love to go on a knish treasure hunt with you and Alli. And I love your hair!!

梅飛鴻 aka Max said...

dats awesome =D