Monday, August 11, 2008

Found objects

Oh my readers. I finally got a new camera cord (I know I found my old one....but then I lost it again), but when I started to upload my pictures, I couldn't get any of my latest exploits off of the camera! I've been doing lots of fun things...baking pies, tarts, eating brunch with Katie - but you'll have to wait and cross your fingers that I can recover my pictures. In the mean time, I found these on my camera and managed to extract them for you. They are very diverse - pictures of CSAs past, both veggies -

and fruit.

Pictures of the cutest baby ever -

and Zack pretending to be a deformed baby in a Rite Aid in Annapolis, MD.

Ah. Good times. Cross your fingers for more to come.


Adrielle said...

Visite meu blog!

Beijos e abra├žos!

Meredith said...

Hmm attracting brazilian comments are you...

I'm sorry your camera is silly. We just can't catch a break...