Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lena and Alli Eat S'mores

One of the things my sister wanted to do in New York was eat s'mores. Freshman year of college (oh so long ago), my friends and I used to go to Cosi and order s'mores. A lot. Cosi has since lost our favor, but luckily, there's a new place in town for a chocolate fix. Max Brenner (also known as the bald man chocolates) caught the attention of my dad one visit (he loves bald men who are represented in the media - solidarity, I guess) and I've liked it ever since. And so, off we went.

They brought out marshmallows and a tiny fire.... well as chocolate fondue, graham crackers, raspberry sauce, peanut butter, and my sister's favorite - toffee covered banana slices.

Here she is, roasting her marshmallow....

...rockin' the fondue with her chocolate covered marshmallow.

And scarfing the s'mores like a true happy camper.

She likes it! Mikey likes it!

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Meredith said...

MMMM that looks freakin amazing. I want smores right now. Will you bring me some? I'm weary from travel.