Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lena and Alli go to the Farmer's Market

My sister and I were walking around Manhattan, shopping to our hearts content, when we passed the Union Square Farmer's Market. Have you been there? I like it there a lot. Sometimes I'm sad that I have my CSA and don't just have the opportunity to browse and get my vegetables there (I still could, but then I'd have a ridiculous amount of food). But we decided to take a break from shopping and take a stroll through the market. We stopped at a cheese stand (they had samples) and Alli noticed they had fresh mozzarella. "Can we get some?" she asked. "Well, we're not going straight home, it might not hold up well in the next five hours..." I replied. "No," she blushed. "Can we get some just to eat now?"

A word about my sister - she loves fresh mozzarella. A lot. I've seen her eat an entire ball of bufalo mozzarella in five minutes. I've seen this more than once.

"Yeah, alright," I shrugged. I have a problem saying no to her. "But we have to get some tomatoes as well.

Here's Alli, pleased as punch at her afternoon snack.

Here she is with the tomato I insisted that she buy to go with it.

Yum, tomatoes....

Yum, cheese.....

Yum, double fisting!!!! Tomatoes and cheese! Life is complete.

We ate this much cheese while sitting in the park.

Whoops. I hope that she ate most of that and not me (and chances are, she probably did). Another lovely afternoon.

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Meredith said...

That looks like a tasty treat, if a little messy. But isn't that the best kind of treat, really?