Friday, December 5, 2008

Recipes are for suckers

Sometimes you get fancy recipes from Gourmet magazine. But sometimes you don't. Perfectly good food can be made by texting your friend Matt the day before Thanksgiving and saying "Hey, remember that time we had dinner and you made swiss chard with the stems in it? How did you do that?" He texted back some guidelines and away we go!

First, swiss chard (don't forget to wash it) - here are the leaves. Chop them up a bit so you don't get giant pieces of greens in your mouth.

And here are the stems - so pretty. I chopped them into pieces about an inch and half long. Why would you want to throw those away?

Now some chopped shallot (Matt suggested onion, but we had a lot of shallots).

That's pretty much it, you're ready to go!

Saute the shallot in some olive oil over medium heat - you want it to get soft, but not turn brown.

Then add the stems and cook until they're colorful (even more than they already are) and also turning soft.

Then add the leaves!

You may have to add them in batches - add some, let them wilt, add more.

Season with salt and pepper. I added some nutmeg too. Nutmeg is really good with sauteed greens.

That's it! Thanks Matt for your easy and delicious recipe.


Mikochan said...

Your Thanksgiving looks awesome.

P.S. I have now posted about my Thanksgiving, though not as glorious as yours.

Meredith said...

Oops I missed this one. Is that Citron Chard? Looks pretty good. Recipes are for people who can't cook. And bakers. Heehee.