Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end is near.....

Sorry, readers. I've been on vacation, doing all sorts of things that keep me from blogging. On the upside, I've been taking pictures galore (I got a new camera for Xmas - a really nice one) and I will have lots of amazing things to show you soon, including lakte making, wine tasting, eggplant pasta and best of all.......lunch at the French Laundry.

Until then, have a happy new year and a safe new year's eve. My new year's eve will pretty much be the opposite of this -

- seeing as this is a huge party and I'm going to hermit it up with Zack and a few close friends, eating Arizmendi pizza and drinking Trader Joe's champagne.

I'll write more in the new year, I promise. Happy 2009!


Leila S. said...


Happy New Year to you and Zach. I spoke to your mom this morning and can't wait to hear about your lunch at French Laundry (nice, Zach) and the Culinary Institute (good choice, Donna). Everett and I went to the French Laundry many moons ago bk (before kids) and it was memorable. Leila

Meredith said...

Hope you had a good one! Can't wait to hear about the dinner as well.

Anonymous said...

Lena - the Christmas cookies were scrumpdidliishous!