Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll be Home for Christmas...

This post is for all those people stuck in the airport this holiday season. If you're flying Jet Blue out of New York, most likely your flight was canceled because of the snow and then the people at Jet Blue said you couldn't have another flight until Christmas Eve (unacceptable!!!) and so you had to cancel your flight and switch to Southwest at the last minute and had to drive an hour out to Long Island and then switch planes in Baltimore and then stop in San Diego, all just to get to Oakland.

Maybe that's just me.

But if you are stuck in Jet Blue's Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport, fret not, because it's not all bad. Sure, you're not on your flight yet, but hey, you've got a huge choice of quality food. I know, you're thinking "Quality food in the airport? Lena, you must be crazy." But it's true.

Jet Blue has completely redone their terminal. Instead of looking like an airport, it now looks like this:

Pretty, yes? Here's the restaurant up close.

I've been reading about the new Jet Blue restaurants a lot, so when I was there last month, I decided to check out the food. The bartender recommended one of the specials - a warm apricot and arugula salad.

It was excellent. Definitely non-airport restaurant quality. I liked the contrast between the fruit and the arugula and the dressing was not too strong (thank goodness). I also got the cauliflower rigatoni (hey, it's a long flight to Oakland).

It was nice and cheesy with some flecks of fresh rosemary. Yum! The chef is from Del Posto (one of the fancy Mario Batali restaurants), so expect the best.

Hope this cheers up your travels and that you all get to wherever you're trying to go.


Leila S. said...

We are glad you made it home safely! Leila

David Borgen said...

Make a reservation at the terminal for the next time I'm in NYC....looks great...better to be home cooking up the

Meredith said...

Oh no!!!!! I'm so sorry your travel was such a nightmare. There is also really excellent food in the DFW international terminal in case you were wondering...

kevin said...