Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Answer to Meredith

Since Meredith answered my question on her blog, I decided it was only fair to answer her question on mine. Her question was "how was your turkey?" Nothing earth shattering, but I figured fair is fair. So, stop being sick of reading about turkey and pretend to enjoy this post (unless you're my dad and then I have no expectations of you liking anything about meat. Ever.).

As I said before, I made Gourmet's Roast Turkey with Black Truffle Butter and White Wine Gravy. And let me tell you, it was good. A nice twist on a classic turkey recipe - nothing too extreme, but nothing too boring either. Here's my sister with our free range organic turkey.

No, Alli! Don't lick the turkey! You're a vegetarian!

The great thing about this recipe is that you get to rub truffle butter under the skin of the turkey. Who doesn't like that?

Make sure your hands are clean. That would be kinda gross otherwise. See all the nice butter/truffle flecks? So earthy and creamy. Yum.

You put some salt and pepper on there too and then set it on a rack above a few cups of water (to keep things moist). Gourmet favors the high heat/quicker cooking time that I'm a big fan of - you only cook the turkey for two hours at 450 degrees. It comes out all nice and golden brown.

I couldn't get the wing tips tucked, which is why they're kinda black on the ends. Oh well. It still tasted great. Here's all the turkey drippings.

There's a lot of them because of the water that you pour in the pan. But that's okay! More gravy base. I really liked this gravy. You pour off the juices/fat into a glass/bowl/fat separator. You add about 1/4 cup fat back in the pan (straddled over two burners) and add some chopped shallots. When they soften a bit, you add two cups white wine and bring it to a boil. You cook it down some, scrape up the brown bits and add the turkey juices and some turkey stock (up to 4 cups combined juices/stock). Bring that to a boil and add a paste of butter and flour. This is the first gravy recipe that I ever used that didn't start with a roux - I never understood what lumpy gravy was all about, but I sure get it now.

It had a nice tangy taste! I liked it a lot (oh yeah, I don't strain my gravy - I like the little turkey bits). I poured lots of it over my turkey.

Mmmm, turkey. Here's our mangled, half carved carcass.

Can it be Thanksgiving again soon?


AHR said...

Yay, free range organic! Delcious good karma...

My thanksgiving dinner was no where near as good as and my mom went to a restaurant here in Brooklyn that was okay, but the best part was the Portabello Mushroom apetizer. Kinda sad when you get the best part of the meal first!

Meredith said...

Hahaha! Well played, Lena, well played. That does look pretty great- perhaps I'll try it next time.

Yeah, getting those wingtips in is a pretty intense experience. It feels a lot like dislocating someone's shoulder... not that I know what feels like or anything.