Friday, December 12, 2008

California Dreamin'

Winter is upon us here in New York, with freezing cold temperatures and spits of snow flurries. If you thought that delicious fruit and vegetables were grown here in this season, well you'd be wrong. My CSA has ended for the winter, most farmer's markets have struck their stands and the ones that haven't have some potatoes, squash, apples - nothing to sneer at, but not exactly paradise on earth either.

In California, however.....

Argh! How beautiful are those tomatoes? And in November (when those pictures were taken)! These pictures were all taken at the Lakeshore Farmer's Market in Oakland, which is a magical and special place. Foodies complain that produce is shipped from California all over the country, leaving a huge carbon footprint and losing freshness. But when you're already in California.....well, the possibilities are endless.

Look at those oranges! We never have those in New York. Oh, citrus. How I miss thee. Let me count the ways.

This is summer squash - SUMMER. In November. I rest my case.

I wish there were mountains of sugar snap peas in New York in the winter.

Eggplant. My one true love. All I want to do is make pasta alla norma every day.

Strawberries!!!!!! Why isn't there fruit in New York? I hate winter.

Another thing New York doesn't have (probably nowhere else has this. Where else would there be vegans who wanted soul food? Vegans. I turn up my nose at you. You are not invited to my house for dinner. Why would you forsake ice cream and cheese? Why????)

I want a giant bouncy shark at every farmer's market. Who doesn't love one of these? Oh, Oakland. You're a crazy wonderful place.


David Borgen said...

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...DAD

Meredith said...

Vegan Soul Food??? That's a crime against humanity. I think seasons are nice, and those tomatoes can't be that great. Certainly not as good as a big juicy sun ripened tomato bought at a roadside stand off the highway between Oklahoma and Texas. That, my friend is a singular experience that can only happen a few weeks out of the year. Rarity and seasonality makes it special.

Anonymous said...

Hey, and did you happen to notice what the locals were wearing? Tee shirts, sandals? Did you notice the sky? Blue. Did you notice the sun? Shining. The climate here makes the Farmers' Markets possible!