Monday, June 23, 2008

Pouty face

There's an excellent chance that I left my camera in Silver Spring, MD. It may also be in the bag that Zack did not bring in from the car when we got back from our trip. However, it's far away, so I'm not going to check right now.

This really is putting a crimp in my blogging. I really don't like living in this constant state of transition. We moved in 21 days ago!!! Shouldn't we have less boxes by now? I guess not when we both have full time jobs.

So, instead, for what feels like the 15 millionth day in a row, I'm linking to something else. Click here to see the NYTimes video about my friends Anna and Alan who just got married. Scroll down to the video part and they're the first ones. Yay! Enjoy.

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Meredith said...

Wow. 21 days. I'm so sorry about your camera. That really sucks.