Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moving ate my life....

...just like Cadence ate this piece of watermelon.

For those of you who don't know, Cadence is James and Kate's baby (I pretty much refer to them as "you know, my friends with the cute baby) - you can read about their family here. I stole this picture from them (they said it was okay, I promise).

I will get back to blogging regularly soon. However, right now, all my time that I would normally spend blogging is spent unpacking/building ikea furniture/huddling in a fetal position trying to hide from the stress (which is not actually a good technique. I don't recommend it).

I've got to start cooking again soon though - otherwise my CSA veggies will overtake my apartment. Good luck to me.


Katherine said...

Adorable. I want one. (Ah! Does she mean a watermelon or a BABY????)

Meredith said...

I want a watermelon and a baby. But only an in-season watermelon. The baby should be in season also. What season? I know not.

Don't fret, fellow blogger, it's rough sometimes, but you'll make it through. We will prevail!!

chris said...

i want a mixed-race baby.

like edina says on ab-fab "they're the gucci of babies!"

and maybe a hybrid watermelon-orange thing.

when i don't have time to blog, i just make a fun photoshop collage and post a youtube video.

Katherine said...

Chris, that's like saying, "When I don't have time to braise a rabbit, I just throw together a pot roast."

Kate said...