Saturday, March 22, 2008

There is no chocolate at The Chocolate Factory

Last night, Zack took me to see The Chocolate Factory to see The National Theater of the United States production of Don Juan. This was not a play that I was really looking forward to, mostly because Zack was really excited about it (this may sound mean, but mostly, we don't like the same things. He likes shows with incomprehensible meanings and weird dancing and I like broad comedy and musicals. Sometimes those things overlap. Sometimes they don't).

But I loved this show! It was hilarious. First of all, for those of you who've never been to The Chocolate Factory, it's basically a basement in Long Island City. The show was set up in "360 degree panoramic view," which meant that there were stools in the center of the room and the play happened in a narrow space around us. There were a small number of actors playing many parts (my favorite kind of play) and they constantly raced around, causing us to turn around in our seats.

I wish I could have secretly taken pictures throughout the show for all of you to see, but that's illegal and distracting and rude. I did take this one picture after the show as we were leaving:

That's from the end where Don Juan pretends to repent and makes his house into a monastery like setting. It's funnier than it looks, I swear (c'mon, Jesus made out of paper mache! That's funny).

If only I had pictures of the crossing dressing. Or actors dancing with gold dildos. Or putting powder in their underwear. Or dueling with plastic swords. But alas, I do not.

If you live in New York, go see it! This is the last night, so go quickly. Several people got in off the waiting list last night, so don't let the lack of tickets deter you.

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