Sunday, March 23, 2008

The following picture is sure to enrage some of you

Tonight I spent some time (well, computer time) with one of my favorite women in the public eye - a woman who is loved and hated with equal ferocity across the country (no, not Hilary Clinton)......Rachael Ray.

People really hate her! I'm not sure why. I think she's great. Plus, her food is yummy. I have made many a meal for folks who have loved the food, but as soon as I tell them it's a Rachael Ray recipe, they say "Oh god, I hate her." How does one woman inspire such vitriol in people? It's a little weird.

I made Cauliflower Sauce with Whole Wheat Penne for me, Zack, Elana and Miriam tonight. Everybody loved it. Everybody complained about Rachael Ray anyways. Why complain when the food looks like this?

It was great. And easy! You could make it at home. You know you want to.

I would have gone through showing you every step, but to tell you the truth, my cell phone camera is starting to bug me. I must buy a real camera. And then take lots of pictures and post them. Hopefully, I will accomplish this soon (within the week)!

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