Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I've been kicking around the idea of having a blog for a while now. Many of my friends have them, including my very good friends Meredith ( and Ana ( I'm sure at some point, one of them will teach me how to do cool html stuff so that I can link and make it look nice. Anyways, I figured, if they can do it, well goshdarnit, so can I. This blog will focus on cooking (because I like to cook!) and theatre (because I see a lot of shows).

So, here we are (Sunset and Camden). Next post will be a blatant rip off of Meredith's blog where I try to make sourdough. However, she should be expecting it since she gave me the starter. Also, it will be very different, because while hers came out perfect and rounded, mine.........well you'll see.


Meredith said...

Oh, I can't wait! let the blogging begin! Also, you can put links into your posts by clicking on the little world icon. I can't wait to see your bread, though, we'll call it unique.

AHR said...

I love your illustrative stock photo. I expect to see some high res shots of that bread though. Also I expect to eat some.