Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pink is not just for girls

Tonight I got home at 10pm and ate half a box of Annie's Mac and Cheese (the whole wheat kind). I love Annie's, but it's not as good when you don't add butter. Or extra cheese. So it was not that productive a day, cooking or theatre-wise.

However, today I did buy this:

That's right, a new camera. No more blurry cell phone pictures any more! So you all should look forward to nice pretty pictures of yummy food.


Meredith said...

Woo Hoo!! Wait, you're not a girl? I'm so confused. You've hid it so well.

I've already stolen my mom's huge camera that she bought but never used.

Now I just need a tripod...

AHR said...

WOO, new camera! Excited to see your food in technicolor high res, and other technical specifications.

Also, do you plan on blogging about Annie's so much that you need a tag for it?? I'm just asking...o_O

Lena said...

I'm a girl, but Zack complained, so really that's just for him.

I might blog so much about Annie's. I really like it. So there.