Saturday, April 18, 2009

A nice day

Today, the thermometer climbed to a whopping 70 degrees in New York City, and so (at least it seemed) everyone took to the streets. And I mean everyone. It was the first nice Saturday in as long as I can remember, so Meredith and I set off to have a picnic in Central Park....

...along with about 50,000 other people. Can you believe that? It looks like something exciting is happening, like a massive concert or a protest or something. But it's just a nice day. Meredith and I made a little spread, courtesy of Whole Foods.

We've got some goat cheese, sourdough bread, sugar snap peas, a blood orange, fruit salad and roasted tomatoes. Man, those were good tomatoes. They were packed in olive oil and had some herbs marinating with them. I wish I still had some. I hope there are more nice days in my future! I am so done with winter. Cross your fingers. I'm leaving you with a smile from Meredith, for good luck.