Monday, April 20, 2009

French Toast for One

Yesterday morning, The Amateur Gourmet inspired me. I woke up and thought, hmm, I'd like to have breakfast, but I'm bored with shredded wheat. What could I make for myself that would be different and give me lots of energy for hockey? The answer? French Toast.

My dad used to make me French Toast when I was a kid. He'd use whole wheat bread and non-fat milk and probably no butter or sugar or anything that would add fat or sugar (or you know, flavor). But old habits die hard, so I adapted The Amateur Gourmet recipe to make something a little more Moy-Borgen (and artery) friendly.

French Toast for One

1 egg
1/6 cup skim milk (it's a weird amount - I'm quartering a recipe - sort of - you can just add a splash and be happy)
a little bit of maple syrup (I stopped measuring. Quartering got silly)
a little bit of vanilla
a sprinkle of salt
2 pieces of whole wheat bread (the kind you'd make a sandwich with)
1 Tbs butter

1. Mix together the egg, milk, maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Soak the bread in it.

2. Melt the butter over medium high heat. Drop the soaked bread in the pan and let it sit for about 30 seconds or until it's brown on one side.

3. Flip it and let the other side get brown. Now you're done! Wasn't that easy? I sprinkled a little bit of powdered sugar on the top and drizzled some syrup. You could also use honey instead of syrup or add some butter on top...or whipped cream....or mascarpone cheese....but that wouldn't help the healthy side of things much. It sure would taste good though.

This was the easiest non-cereal breakfast ever. It was delicious and warm and syrupy. It took all of 10 minutes (at the most. Maybe just five). You could totally do this yourself. And you should.


Meredith said...

looks good- and a good balance between healthy and indulgent.

David Borgen said...

glad you remember my french toast, although i'm sure it was better than you now recall...and healthy of father, hal, used to make us french toast in the mornings. my mother, alice, liked to sleep in. also glad you had a nice picnic with 50,000 others in central park. our weather warmed up too. we got to the high 80s. you mother and i hiked up in redwood park (surprise)...db

Jamie said...

The best french toast is with challah - preferably from the Rzeszowska Bakery in Greenpoint on the corner of Java and Manhattan. Delicious Challah!

Christina said...

Mmmm, delicious! The splashes worked out just fine :) So happy I could make solo french toast on a weekday morning!

Luca said...

The picture is terrible though...

Victor said...

This is a great recipe! Helpful hint: There are 4 tablespoons per 1/4 cup. That's 16 tbsp/cup. Divide by 6 and you get 2 2/3 tbsp. Since a tsp is 1/3 of a tbsp, if you wanna be technical, the recipe for one calls for 2 tbsp & 2 tsp of milk.