Thursday, April 9, 2009


Remember when Zack and I went to the French Laundry? Good times. Of course, during my regular life, I can't just go to the French Laundry whenever I feel like it. So I do the next best thing. No, not Per Se, I go to the Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center.

Yes, it's in a mall, which makes me uncomfortable. But the service is excellent and the food even better. I am obsessed with the farro salad - which to my normal brain would sound gross, but to my taste buds is amazing - golden beets, goat cheese......yum. It's so good I forgot to take a picture.

I did take a picture of my turkey sandwich! This was pre-Passover.

Smoked turkey, pecan bread, and cheese - delish! The kitchen kindly split it in half for me and my friend Amanda, so we each got our own plate. That was nice.

We finished with crepe suzette.

I love crepes! Blood orange sorbet was nice and tangy and the orange pastry cream and smooth and fruity.

I want to go back again and again!

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