Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can't make my own soup dumplings

I haven't been cooking much lately. I wish I was! It makes me sad. But I did go to Joe's Shanghai, which according to their website is known for its soup dumplings (you know I love soup dumplings). These were especially good.

See how nice they look? They had the perfect skin to meat to broth ratio. They were just so delicious. We also got some braised duck which Zack really liked, but I like crispy duck better. I was overruled though. Oh well.

I liked the green beans too! They were nice and crisp.

The place is fun. We went to the one in Chinatown, but there is also one in midtown and one in Flushing as well. It has the atmosphere of a diner (if diners had family style seating), but with amazing Chinese food inside! What's not to like?

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Asha said...

you can make your own soup dumplings! my old roommate knows how.