Monday, April 13, 2009

I like relatives and avocados

Last week, my uncle Steve and my aunts Ana, Terry and Maria all came over for dinner. I made my tortilla soup (since I got it from Terry in the first place) and some guacamole. I am a huge fan of guacamole. I used to complain that I couldn't get any good avocados on the East Coast, but that was before there was a Trader Joe's! I love Trader Joe's. Sure, they have to fly avocados in from Mexico, but you know what? They don't grow avocados in New York and I am a California girl at heart. I am not about to go the rest of my life not eating avocados.

Anyways, making guacamole is super easy. All you do is take some avocados and put them in a bowl.

Mash them up good with a potato masher or a fork or something. Then chop up some yummy things, like red onion, tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno peppers....what ever you want. If you like big chunks, chop them big. If you like smaller chunks, chop them smaller. You get it. Just don't add too much stuff - you want the avocado to be the star of the show. Add them into the mash.

Stir it all up again and season it with salt and pepper. Some people like to add cumin. But I'm not a huge fan. Squeeze some lime juice on top.

Everyone will like it! See, they're smiling.

Everyone is happy.

Ana wouldn't let me take a picture of her. But that's okay. You can just imagine her there.

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