Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sticks to your ribs

I went to a Super Bowl party this year and had some really good chili. I thought to myself, "Hey, I should make some chili. I bet I could do it." And then I went home and forgot about it. But after a beautiful weekend, winter struck again and I felt very cold on Monday. It seemed like the perfect time for a big bowl of chili.

I got the recipe from Meredith. When it comes to things like chili, I trust my friend from Texas.

First you just saute some onions and garlic with a lot of spices. And I mean a lot. They will turn your onions brown-y red. You can see the list on Meredith's recipe, which I linked above.

Then you add yummy things like ground beef and tomatoes (from a can, since this is winter - puree and diced - except I used whole peeled tomatoes because that's what I have in my house) and kidney beans. I was supposed to add two cans, but I only had one.

Then you simmer it covered for an hour and uncovered for another hour.

See how far down it reduced? That's how it gets thick and delicious. Then you put these crazy things in a bowl.

That's right, Fritos. Meredith says this is what you do with chili and who am I to argue? Although Zack wished we had tortilla chips instead.

Then you top it with cheddar cheese and sour cream and lime juice and scallions!

You don't need to put the lime wedge on the chili, I just did it so that you knew it was there.

We still have a ton of chili in the fridge. Hopefully I won't have to cook again all week. Although I don't know what I would blog about in that case......


Meredith said...

That chili was really good! I'm glad I inspired you. The fritos are definitely the best part! Oh yeah, and their addition makes it frito pie, which isn't pie at all, but why question greatness?

David Borgen said...

not exactly health food, or good old fashioned california style vegetarian chili...db