Thursday, March 19, 2009

My sister is awesome

Sometimes, I get lazy. I don't feel like cooking or emptying my beautiful dishwasher or changing my clothes. And I certainly don't feel like blogging. But sometimes, other people step up (like my sister. Who is awesome). You know my sister, right?

She is pretty funny. She sent me this email today: Hi guys!!
I came home from school today and thought "gee i really wish i had some hamentashens" cause a friend of mine had sent us some and i was bummed they were all gone. SO using mom's jam I made some today and sent you guys pictures like lena does! There are 2 pictures of me painting egg onto the dough to make them pretty when they are done cooking and one picture of them pre oven and one picture post oven! I feel just like my older sister!!! ALSO I GOT INTO PUGET SOUND WHOOOOOOOOOOO!
miss you lena!

Isn't she the best? Here's the pictures she sent me. She's brushing butter like a pro.

Then the cookies are ready to bake.

Then they turn pretty colors and cool.

Were they good? She'll have to let me know. She promised to send a recipe if it turns out well.


Meredith said...

Aw, it's so sweet that your sister looks up to you like that. I just love it.

David Borgen said...

Alli is pretty awesome...the hamentashen with sharon's apricot preserves were fabulous...what a great idea and well executed....nice to see Alli on her sister's blog...db

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see Alli on your blog! The hamentashens were really good, the best I've ever had. Way to go!