Thursday, April 10, 2008

I feel just like Meg Ryan

I've had a craving for a corned beef sandwich for at least a week now. It's been very distracting, I'm typing, I'm playing with kids, I'm singing, and suddenly I think "if only I had a corned beef sandwich, my life would be complete." So yesterday, I went to what I consider the world's best place to get a corned beef sandwich, Katz's Delicatessen. I've been there many times over the years, with my dad, with my Uncle Rafael who spent the whole time complaining that there were no Jews behind the counter, and with my Uncle Steve and crew (that was the most recent time, I believe). I convinced Meredith to come with me (not that it took much convincing, she's pretty easygoing).

The first time I went to Katz's, my dad noticed a hanging sign that he has since referenced every time I've brought up Katz's. Here it is:

When I told him in a text that I went to Katz's, he texted back: Send a salami. He's very predictable sometimes.

Here's the famous corned beef sandwich:

It's really good. the beef is nice and lean, but very flavorful. Meredith and I split a sandwich, which I would recommend to anyone who's not a linebacker for the Patriots or some sort of beef fanatic with a large stomach. We each got our own egg cream though - vanilla for me (that's what I remember my mom always getting back when I was a kid) and chocolate for Meredith. Here she is!

It's lots of fun at Katz's (probably less fun if you're a vegetarian though). It feels very New York. At one point, I said to Meredith, "It feels just like we're in a movie, doesn't it?" to which she replied, "Yeah, like When Harry Met Sally?" and then rolled her eyes at me. It was with done with love though. I could tell (way down deep).

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Meredith said...

definitely with love!
Does this mean I'm Billy Crystal? I think I'm a little prettier than he is...
Who photoshopped those photos? They did a great job.