Sunday, April 6, 2008

Better than Ice Cream

Since this is the "Champion of Justice" weekend, I thought it was only fitting to include a post that is dedicated to my dad. This post is about one of the things that my dad loves most in this world: gelato.

I remember exactly when my dad first decided he loved gelato. It was about six or seven years ago. We'd just seen a play at the Gelateria Naia on Shattuck avenue and we saw rows and rows of gelato like this:

Our taste buds skipped a beat as we tried various flavors such as Nutella, Guinness and Don Giovanni. It was delicious, creamy and the start of a lifelong obsession. Since then, I've sampled flavors such as Rose, Violet, Mojito, Champagne, Cantaloupe, Pomegranate and countless variations of chocolate. My favorite combination is pictured below (along with Zack's selection - Nutella and Cholocat Mortal):

Stracciatella (an Italian vanilla and chocolate flakes) and Peanut Butter Chip! What I like about them is that the chocolate flakes are the same consistency. It's so good.

But back to my dad. He decided he liked gelato so much, every time I'd come home from college, he'd drive us out to Berkeley for no reason other than to eat it. We ran into some friends of his once at the gelato place. "Oh, hi," they said. "Do you live in the neighborhood?" My dad and I looked at each other. "Nope." "Oh," they said. "Well, were you in the area for something?" "Just to eat gelato!" My dad exclaimed. "Oh......" they said. "Ok."

My dad has since spread his loyalty to other gelato places in the area. There's a new place near the Grand Lake Theatre that he's proclaimed his new favorite, but I am a Mondo Gelato purist (or Gelataria Naia, I suppose). It's my favorite! (until I go to Italy some day and then I'll reevaluate)

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Meredith said...

I was always a vanilla person when it came to icecream but I learned quickly in Italy that you have to branch out. I love hazelnut and chocolate. Not nutella but the two flavors next to each other. Mmmm gelato.