Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love candy

When I was growing up, one of my favorite things was See's Candies. There was a little shop on Lakeshore Ave (the main street in walking distance from my house). My mom and I would stop in there for free samples pretty much every time we passed. We all have our favorite flavors - my mom likes marzipan, my sister likes blueberry truffles and I like raspberry cream and bourdeux (coffee cream...yum). The store closed a few years ago, but there are other locations all over the West Coast. However, there are no See's Candies stores on the East Coast. It is a huge tragedy.

But! While I was walking through LAX on my zillion hour layover with my dad and his lawyer friends, we passed a See's Candies outpost. "Oh, I wish I had some See's Candies," I said. My dad kept on walking. His friend Vanessa stopped. "David," she said, "Buy your daughter some candy." "No, it's okay," I demurred. "Nonsense," Vanessa said, "David, buy her the candy." And so he did. Thanks, dad!

I got the silver box...

And the little pops! Teeny tiny lollipops. Love it.

I'm trying to make them last....we'll see how well that goes. I suppose I could always order more online....