Thursday, September 4, 2008

Accept No Substitutions

You know I love Dippin' Dots. So when my sister and I went to Brooklyn's Keystone Park (to see the Cyclones! But we didn't actually see them. We got rained out) and saw these -

- well, we figured it would be the same. I mean they look the same, right?

Alli doesn't seem to think they taste the same.

In fact, they sucked. Steer clear! We had to throw them away. However, on my trip to California, we headed over to the Oakland Coliseum (to see the A's!!! Woo!!!). Here's my dad and sister, decked out in A's gear.

My sister got us the real thing:

Banana split and mint chocolate mixed together! It sounds gross, but we've gotten used to it. For the Dippin' Dots alone, Oakland is way better than Brooklyn. Plus, you know what they have in Oakland?

That's right, fireworks! Love it.


David Borgen said...

finally, i picture of lena's father...db

Kate said...

remember that time at the bagel shop when the guy thought we were high school kids sipping class even though I was there with my baby belly, and then he gave you shit for your A's gear??
good times.
Miss you!

Meredith said...

I want some ice cream now. It's freakin hot.

Alli said...

lena that picture of me mid eating is just mean.