Saturday, July 26, 2008

Restaurant Week Continues....

Hey all, I'm back from the wilderness and ready to eat! My tales of Restaurant Week continue with Frankie and Johnny's Steakhouse.

I headed over there on Tuesday night with my friend Jaclyn. We've been planning to have a nice dinner for a while, and this presented a perfect opportunity. We're both big fans of red meat (probably from abstaining from it for a combined total of 14 years), so we headed to the steakhouse!

We started off with house-made smoked salmon (me) and a "classic" salad (her). Here's my salmon.

It was surprisingly good. I'm a huge smoked salmon fan, so I tend to be picky, but this was nice. There were little bits of capers and some lemon juice which brightened up the dish. Jaclyn's salad was not as good.

I mean, come on, iceberg lettuce? But what can you do. I'd skip that one for sure.

We moved onto Petite Filet Mignon. It came with a sprinkling of parsley and a roasted mushroom cap on top.

It had nice flavor and a good crust. However, I had one big complaint. It was much too neat. When I eat steak, I like the juices to gush out everywhere. I want it to be a big bloody mess. This just was not that. It made me a little sad.

The creamed spinach almost made up for it. It was so delicious. It arrived brilliantly green (the picture really doesn't do it justice). The flavors were melded so well. It wasn't cream and spinach separately, it was a perfect mix. I could have eaten ten bowls of it.

We finished with key lime pie. It was good, but I have one question. What's with the mint garnish?

Are you supposed to eat it? Throw it away? What's the point? Oh well - I liked the pie. The crust was crumbly and the filling was nice and not too sweet.

Here's Jaclyn, awkwardly chewing (her words, not mine).

We had a nice time! I love steak. Maybe I'll make one for dinner tonight and make it super bloody......(my parents both just cringed) Yum.


Meredith said...

Cool. I don't usually order filet mignon because I find it boring. Fat is flavor baby! I want a steak right now. Too bad that's not what I'm making for dinner... I wanna go to Peter Luger's sometime- I've never been.

Anonymous said...

Why are you getting annoyed that they put a garnish on the pie? Chill