Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My love knows no bounds

I love musicals. You know that already if you've met me. Or read this blog. Or are a discerning person and can figure out what the title of my blog is about. Sometimes, I think I am all alone in my love of musicals. I often drop little references into my conversations, like "Here we are, Sunset and Camden," or "Cracker Barrel went out the window with the milk pouch," and I am usually met with a weird blank stare (unless Becky is there).

But today I found hope. I went to see Wall-E (which was AMAZING) and was immediately treated to Michael Crawford's voice blaring out over the speakers singing "Out there....full of shine and sparkle..." My heart leap up, even though I've always hated Hello, Dolly! I'm weird like that. Then, I was riding the subway home and I pull out my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic book and come face to face with a throwaway joke about Xanadu (the Broadway musical, not the movie). Here it is! Living proof that other people in the world secretly think about musicals. Even super cool people like Andrew Stanton and Joss Whedon. I realize that these people may not be "super cool" in a traditional sense. But it's good enough for me.

I'm ending this post with a clip of "Put On Your Sunday Clothes," since it's been stuck in my head all evening. Enjoy.


AHR said...

It's a proven fact that all really cool people like musicals. If someone tells me they "hate musicals", my respect for them goes down by about 35%. I want to say, "Oh, is that because you have no heart, or because you have no imagination? Hmm? Do you hate MUSIC? Do you hate EMOTION? Fie!" I think I may have actually said that on a few occasions.

Even souless robots know that love as interpreted through narrative musical storytelling is not a force to be taken lightly.

Becky said...

I am in 100% agreement with this blog post. I was about to post a similar one myself....I had heard there were hello dolly references...but when Michael Crawford sang that first note I almost cried. I'm glad we shared that moment Lena...even if it was from across the country.