Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover!

I hope you're all out having nice Passover sedars this week (even if you're not Jewish. Sedars are fun. And very educational). If you need to bring something to your sedar, here's a few Passover recipes that would be tastier than kosher wine (never drink an entire bottle of kosher wine in one sitting. That's just a friendly little tip from me to you).

Matzo Ball Soup (not from a jar)
Mo's famous Macaroons

I make these macaroons every Passover. I will be making them later this week for our family sedar in Boston! Everybody likes them.

I'll try to find some more Passover recipes to try this week (which will be nice for you gluten free folks as well).

Happy Pesach!

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Alli said...

yum yum yum mo's macaroons! send me some??!!