Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The story goes on and on and on

Woo! It's time for the meat (Dad, look away). If you haven't been reading, this is part three in my French Laundry luncheon posting - just scroll down a ways to start at the beginning.

We start with a choice of either corned veal tongue or glazed pork belly. Zack and I both wanted the corned veal tongue, but I let Zack have it, since he loves tongue (isn't that bizarre? But he loves it). Plus, this way, I got to have the frog's legs (see below). Here's the corned veal tongue.

It was really good - very thin sliced. It was served over some SpƤtzle (it's kind of like tiny noodles or dumplings) and some fruit puree (I forget what kind of fruit). There was a lot of fruit purees with meat dishes in this meal....I liked it a lot. Here's my pork belly.

It was nice and tender, just felt apart in my mouth. It came with celery, prune puree, and something that tasted like fancy egg salad. It was less exotic than the veal tongue, but I still liked it.

Next came the lamb. It was cooked perfectly. We got a nice little chop (medium rare) and then a wonton filled with lamb shortribs. My mouth is salivating thinking about it. It was served with carrots, onions, almonds and another fruit puree. I wish I could remember what kind....

We're now transitioning away from the meat to the end of the meal with the cheese course! I love cheese. I wish all meals had a cheese course (even breakfast). Although my clothes probably wouldn't like that much. They did the thing again where they bring out the garnishes and then pour the cheese over it. Yum!

Little bits of butternut squash, glazed with something sweet and little crunchy bits, perfectly complimented the tangy cheese. It was a cow's milk cheese, very seasonal. I loved it. Plus it came with awesome purple raisin walnut bread!

At this point, the waiter saw me taking pictures and asked if I would like him to take a picture of Zack and me. He looked confused when I said no.

That's all for today....on to dessert tomorrow.

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Meredith said...

I think I've got my silly browser figured out. I wrote like three comments for this post, so I'm a little burned out on it.

Yay meat! Yay Keller! Yay cheese!