Monday, January 5, 2009

I've got to work my way up

The French Laundry is a big deal. I took a zillion pictures of it and it was amazing and fabulous and I wouldn't want to phone it in on this blog. I want to have time to really pull out all the stops. This is not that time.

When I was younger, Fenton's Creamery in Oakland was the place to go. After every show, my friends and I would pile into the car of anyone who could actually drive and celebrate with ice cream sundaes (because we couldn't go to bars yet). Then, sometime while I was in college, it burned down (by some disgruntled employees). It was sad. A few years later it reopened, but I haven't been there since. My friend Miranda worked there as an ice cream scooper last summer and asked if I wanted to go get ice cream, and really, who wouldn't? Ice cream is great. Here's my friend Miranda.

She's the blond one (you probably know that already). Isn't she pretty? She lives in New York now too. Here's the ice cream.

The ice cream is really good here. It's old fashioned and yummy. They have a ton of flavors and the sundaes are the best. I got a "petite" sized one, which I appreciated, because one can really only eat so much ice cream at once. You could also get small, medium or large, plus they have black and tans, banana splits, all that good stuff. It's a nice warm up to the French Laundry....


Meredith said...

Did you dye your hair??? It looks great.

Ellen said...

Oh Black and Tans, or Black and Whites the flavors of childhood! Though when I went there after it re-opened I was sad about the missing wall sized listing of flavors, but then again it did burn down.