Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get up, get up, do something

I realize that I haven't been writing about theatre much lately. This doesn't mean that I haven't been seeing things - in fact, in the last month I've seen Diving the Estate, Speed the Plow and Equus. I haven't written any reviews because by the time I catch up on my food posts, the shows have closed, or the actors have left or the show will be closing in less than a month. Did that mean I didn't enjoy the shows? No. I enjoyed them very much.

This is a scary time for theatre. Theatres all over the country are closing, and not just podunk little operations, huge regional theaters are shutting down left and right. 13 Broadway shows will close (or have already closed) this month and at least two more are scheduled for next month.

What does this mean? Should we stop going to the theatre? Should we just give up?

No! For god's sake, stop reading this blog and go see a show. Get a cheap ticket (rush tickets are really easy to get now that no one is going to see anything), get an expensive ticket if you can afford it and just go. It doesn't have to be a Broadway show. See something downtown. See something your friends are in. Just see anything (or even better, invest in something theatrical. But if you're reading my blog, you probably don't have that kind of money).

It'll be better than sitting at home thinking about how broke you are, watching reruns on tv. I promise (unless you go see Phantom of the Opera or The Little Mermaid or something....then you may be better off with Top Chef reruns).


Meredith said...

Yeah, we should all go see more theater. I'm a naughty actress...
Perhaps you should invite me more often.

Mikochan said...

I saw TWO shows in my 6 days in NYC! I am very proud of myself. :P