Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's good when you're sick?

Tea. Lots and lots of tea. Where's a good place to get tea in New York, you may ask?

That's right, Alice's Tea Cup. Have you been there? It's adorable. They have pages and pages filled with different types of tea, cute little cups, quotations from Alice in Wonderland hand painted on the walls.....basically it's the girliest place imaginable. Many a baby/bridal shower has been held there, and little girls with fairy wings and princess tiaras fill the tables, celebrating birthdays or just hanging out after preschool. I don't care. I can be girlie sometimes. And the tea is really good.

Since it was my first time there, Amanda and I splurged and got the "mad hatter" which means two pots of tea, three scones, two sandwiches, mocha cake and cookies.

It was a lot of food. We couldn't finish it, but that just meant that I got to take scones home and eat them later. My sandwich was a BLT and it was far and away the best BLT I've ever had. A huge stack of bacon dripped fat onto delicious tomatoes and lettuce, while blue cheese and black bread complemented the taste nicely. Plus, I had healthy detox tea, so that I wouldn't be sick anymore.

Ok, well I'm still sick, but at least I'm also cute, right? You can't have everything.


Meredith said...

Very cute. I love high tea with a passion. And I love BLT's, although I don't know about blue cheese in the mix. I'm a purist- only good mayo (preferably homemade for me).

Anonymous said...

I guess you're not too sick or you wouldn't be out for high tea! Get well soon, drink lots of tea! Rest.

VM said...

I've been there many a time and I LOVE it. I also get the BLT, and I usually split the Mad Hatter with whomever I take there. Plus it was within walking distance of my apartment. Bonus.

David Borgen said...

Kind of trying to have it both ways against the middle...loads of fatty bacon and detox tea...too much contradiction for me to