Monday, November 17, 2008


Today I made an Apple Wacky Cake. I got the idea from Meredith's blog. You've seen her blog, yes? Well you should if you haven't. It's neat.

Rather than do the exact same post that Meredith just did, I have decided to just link to her post and take a picture of my final product (which turned out well, in my humble opinion).

I used a cake pan instead of a skillet, like Meredith - I even greased the pan before hand. But the cake stuck to the pan anyways. Oh well. If something called "wacky" cake looked too pretty, that would not be right at all.


David Borgen said...

That looks good.
You're gonna have to do a lot of cooking/baking while home for the holiday(s). You had me at apple cake; not clear the "wacky" added anything much nor could I tell from the post what was wacky here.

Kate said...

thats the cake i made after cadence was born and i couldn't eat anything. It's amazing! I love it. remember my sesame cake? its this recipe, I just used chinese sesame oil.

Meredith said...

Yay wacky cake! Yeah, it's just sticky I guess, but it doesn't matter, it's so good. Sorry I yelled you for being so negative. I know the pink eye was the last straw...

Kevin said...