Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheese fries and Custard

When you're in New York, one of the nice things you can do is go to Madison Square Park and get burgers and fries at the Shake Shack. Rita, Brian and I did so last May, when the weather was nice (you can read about that here). But now that the weather is cold, I don't want to stand in a long outdoor line, just so that I can eat in the freezing cold park. And that's why they invented the Shake Shack: Upper West Side.

Despite some rumblings on Serious Eats, I found the new Shake Shack just as nice as the original. The food was delicious - I had the chicken hot dog with all the fixings (old habits die hard - I still love my chicken dogs), Rita had the Shack Burger and we split the cheese fries (which normally, I wouldn't pick in fear of gross fake cheese sauce, but theses were amazing - warm and cheesy - real cheese! What a concept) and a pancake custard shake, which was very good. I'm not a fan of real pancakes, but the custard was tasty. Plus, it's indoors! Now that it's moving into the winter months, I'm a big fan of the indoors. Check it out.

Ooh, and if you remember from the original Shake Shack, the lines were out of control - today's line? 5-7 minutes tops. Granted, it was 1:45pm, a little past normal lunch hours, but an improvement nonetheless.

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Meredith said...

Sounds great- perhaps I'll lug the Tal there one of these days. The warmth is appealing, although you can justify more cheese fries with the calorie burning factor of the cold...