Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank goodness for summer

Yesterday, I thought to myself "I should probably blog about something, I've been doing a pretty good job getting posts up lately and I shouldn't blow it" and then I realized that I had absolutely nothing to blog about. No food. No pictures. Nothing. What's a girl to do? I headed over to the farmer's market in Long Island City for some summer vegetables that my CSA doesn't provide (like eggplant - something about beetles spoiling their crop - and corn - we got some, but none for the last few weeks) and got to cooking.

My parents have heard me complain a lot about salad over the years, but truth be told, I don't mind salad all that much (if I make it myself. Or if it's from a really good restaurant). The kind of salad that I enjoy usually involves some sort of cooked component (roasted beets, warm bacon, candied walnuts, etc) and no Romaine lettuce. I can't help it. So here's my new salad of the evening:

Warm Corn and Tomato Salad

1 ear of corn
1 red pepper
1 roma tomato
1 shallot
1 clove of garlic
goat cheese
a few basil leaves
a handful of salad mix
olive oil

1. Chop up a red bell pepper, a shallot and garlic.

2. In a large pan, heat up a tablespoon or so of olive oil over medium high heat. Add the pepper, shallot and garlic to the pan and cook until the vegetables soften (a few minutes). Chop up the tomato and add that to the pan. Let the tomato break down a little, but not so much that it all turns to mush. Then cut the kernels off the ear of corn and add those too. Cook until the corn is just warmed through. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Throw a little salad mix at the bottom of a salad bowl. I coated it with a little bit of basil oil and freshly ground pepper, but it's not really necessary.

4. Pour the warm vegetable mixture on top of the leaves. Add some freshly crumbled goat cheese and torn basil on top and enjoy!

This salad was really delicious. The cool goat cheese and warm corn played off each other well. It was a great way to get some end of the summer vegetables into our meal (please say summer's not over! I'm not ready for winter!!!!!!!!!).


Meredith said...

Yeah I like the warm stuff, wilted salad combo. Looks good.

梅飛鴻 aka Max said...

Mmm yummy salad - i don't normally cook things first and add them to salad that's interesting... I saw this article and thought you might be interested

Alli said...

oh my goodness. you used lettuce!