Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here's a little break from pictures of my sister. I've been making popsicles all summer long and there are a billion ways to do it. My favorite way to make a cool summer treat?

1) Mash up some fruit.

Whatever you've got, berries, peaches, melon, whatever. It's all gonna be good.

2) Take some greek yogurt (I use non-fat - healthier) and thin it out with a little bit of milk. Add a bit of honey and vanilla (if you have it. If not, that's okay too). Mix in the fruit.


2b) Just add some juice/water, whatever. Mix in the fruit.

3) Pour the mixture into super awesome popsicles molds!

If you don't have popsicles molds, you could pour the mixture into paper cups and stick popsicle sticks in. That would be fine too.

4) Freeze for 4 hours or overnight.

5) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

This one is a peach blueberry yogurt pop. It was delicious but had to be eaten to make way for pureed watermelon with lemonade. Which was also delicious. I love summer.