Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why doesn't Macy's have a food hall?

Some people go to London for the fashion. But since Meredith and I are all about the food, we managed to go into London's largest department store and see nothing but the food halls. That's right, we're off to Harrods!

They had every kind of food you could think of! There's a butcher counter. In a department store. There aren't butcher counters in grocery stores in most places in the US.

There was Indian food -

- weird pretentious fancy foods -

- a giant statue of freaky wild animals with champagne in front of it for no reason -

I mean, there was so much. I can't convey it with these pictures - it's like an entire floor of food halls. Picture the makeup department of Bloomingdales and cross it with an international food market in your mind. Most importantly, however - there are meat pies.

We took two meat pies home with some vegetables for a salad.

We made a lovely salad (lovely - that's British) with beets and peppers and some shallot dressing -

- and ate it with our two meat pies - a traditional pasty and Chicken of Aragon.

They're so pretty when you crack them open. The chicken was especially good. Meredith (a connoisseur of such things) said that these pies are super good and above the normal level of traditional British pies.

We drank them with some Harrods brand beer and a ginger beer (which was really sweet - almost like if ginger ale was alcoholic).

Beer, meat pies, and our favorite television show -

- Yes, it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That's how we roll in Britain.

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Meredith said...

Yay! Those meat pies were so delicious. And the Buffy was awesome. I think that was one of my favorite meals of your trip.