Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last post from England!

Here it is folks - my very last post from England. And it only took me.....almost three times the length of time I was actually there. Whoops.

On our last night in England, Meredith and I decided to eat at Jamie Oliver's restaurant. I've been on a Jamie Oliver kick ever since watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (great show! Way to use the forces of reality television for good, universe. It's not all dancing "celebrities" and wannabe teenage starlets out there). Also, back when I started cooking, The Naked Chef Takes Off was one of the first cookbooks I bought (because it was $1.03 on Amazon. But that's besides the point). Anyways, here we are - at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen.

We were a little early, so we ordered Jamie's version of a Pimm's Cup - gin and fruity goodness.

Strawberries, apples, cucumbers and mint make me happy. You wouldn't think that the cucumbers would work out in there, but they totally do.

We got to our table and started with a big plate of olives.

I used to hate olives, but these are awesome. The color was really striking and the taste? Surprisingly meaty. I don't know how they made a meaty olive but it was really cool.

I started with the risotto - risotto was the first thing I ever made from The Naked Chef cookbook, so I figured I'd give it a try.

It was really creamy with a little bit of bite. The asparagus was great - some of it was more cooked and mixed into the rice and some was crisper and laid on top. There was some creme fraiche as well - it rocked.

Meredith got the ravioli - it was cheesy and amazing.

I can't remember what was in it - I do remember that I wanted to steal it from her. Whoops.

We ended with a pizza. It had mashed potatoes mixed with a soft goat cheese and fresh peas. There were pea shoots on top and the whole thing was really great.

We were too full and rushed to fully enjoy it though. That's my one regret.

Check it out! It's a really fun evening.

Next post - Spain!


Meredith said...

yeah, I wish we had taken more time to enjoy it... live and learn!

I think the ravioli had potato and fava beans. And maybe some cured ham product.

David Borgen said...

I had just finished shelling the fava beans when I had to leave to go to Indian Restaurant with Luba and Bob...maybe tonight...The British food doesn't look all that horrid after all...I think I'd be inclined to eat more curries...if I ever go there (assuming there's some sort of cure for anglophobia)...db