Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Lord, I'm exhausted

Today, I'm so tired. I feel like I've been run over by a mack truck. But when I looked at my summary of how many people had clicked onto my blog today, well I felt guilty. All those people, clicking over, wanting to be distracted by my blog and what did they see? The same old same-old. Lame! So here I am.

Meredith and I took a wonderful trip to Valencia, Spain. We lay on the beach.

We drank daiquiris.

The waitress had a really hard time understanding what I meant when I said "DAIQ-uri." They say it "dai-QUIR-i."

Don't drink daiquiris and then run for the bus in heels. You will get hurt. I know.

They also had an amazing marketplace that looked like a cathedral.

Inside, there were rows and rows and rows of this:

There were beautiful berries -

- stacks of spices -

- we brought some home with us. I smuggled them in my pockets.

We ate paella - lots of paella.

Paella with chicken.

Paella with garlic mayonnaise.

We couldn't eat it all there was so much.

We ate lots of "salads" that had ham in them and looked like this.

We drank sangria (wine is really really cheap in Spain).

And ate where Hemingway supposedly liked to eat.

I see this picture below of happy relaxedness and I think "ah, good times. Times where I wasn't bone tired with a sore throat."

That's it for Europe, folks! I guess I should cook some more now.


Lena said...
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Meredith said...

hey! I think I'm about ready to eat rice again. That was such a fun trip.