Thursday, September 24, 2009

Steak, fries and couscous

You can get really really hungry in Paris. You spend all day walking around, seeing cool sights, mangling French phrases and then you realize, hey, I need food. One of the places we spent a lot of time walking around in was the Jardin du Luxembourg (that's the Luxembourg garden in American).

We walked around here all day. We saw the little boats.

We took pictures.

And then we went to dinner (many hours later - after a nap. We napped a lot in Paris). The place that we went was Chez Omar.

I read about Chez Omar in David Lebovitz's book - The Sweet Life in Paris. He said it had the best steak frites in Paris, so that's where we went. Zack got this steak.

It's not a traditional grilled piece of meat, it's all tender with yummy sauce on it. It melted away in my mouth like butter. I kept eating it off of his plate. He didn't like that much. The fries were good too (or frites, I guess).

Nice and crispy, soft in the middle, warm all the way through - there's nothing like deep fried potato-y goodness.

Technically, Chez Omar is a Moroccan restaurant, so I figured I'd get some spicy lamb sausage and couscous.

That's about a quarter of my full portion. I could not eat this much food if I tried (especially because I kept eating Zack's food). It was good, but it wasn't steak and fries.

Don't touch that dial, folks, there's more Paris pics and food to come....


Meredith said...

Hmm. I think I would have gone for the regular steak, but that does look pretty enticing. Not as a steak, mind you, but as braised beef, which is what that looks like.

David Borgen said...

more yucky meat infested meals whether you're in paris or nyc...