Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love Paris in the fall

So in case you forgot, Zack and I got married and went to Paris. See, here is Zack pointing at the Notre Dame!

One of the nice things to do in Paris is to stroll along the river, stopping in little shops along the way. There are some little islands in the river Seine, like the Île Saint-Louis. We stopped at this shop:

Zack proposed to me with a bottle of olive oil and vinegar from this shop (one in NY, obviously). This is the original shop so I made Zack take a picture in front of it.

There is a famous ice cream shop on the Île Saint-Louis called Berthillon. The fact that it was a rainy day in no way deterred us from eating ice cream.

I mean look at it!

I had raspberry (that day - we totally went back again because it was so good). The ice cream was creamy and smooth. The flavors were very vivid - the fruit was especially delicious. Look how happy the ice cream makes me!

Ah, to be in Paris again....