Sunday, September 20, 2009

Honeymoon in Paris!

Thanks to Paul, I have finally got my honeymoon pictures off of my camera and on to my computer! Hooray! And so, we start with a classic French dish - Croque Monsieur and a classic French location - the Moulin Rouge.

It may be a schmaltzy place to go, but that's what honeymoons are for. We wandered up the street (okay, to be fair, my Lonely Planet: Paris directed us there) and found a little cafe that happened to be the place where Amelie was filmed.

We sat outside, in a cloud of cigarette smoke, drinking espressos and fumbling over French words (I pronounce French atrociously - although it's not just French - I totally never learned how to sound out words correctly, which is ironic, because now I get paid to teach 1st graders how to do that - but I digress). We ordered Croque Monsieurs, which are basically fancy ham and cheese sandwiches.

They were so good. The French really pay attention to ingredients, so the "ham" is thin sliced with lots of flavor and the cheese - do I really have to even say it? The cheese in France is AMAZING pretty much wherever you go. I will never understand how "Swiss cheese" in France is delicious aged Gruyere or Emmenthal and in the US it is white mold with holes in it.

The salad that came with it was surprisingly good as well. The tomatoes were ripe and fresh and the greens were light and crisp. Writing about this is making my mouth water....more Paris food and pictures to come soon, I promise!