Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Landmarks are emptier during the recession

One of the only pluses about the current recession is that if you want to go to a nice restaurant at the last minute without a reservation, you can go right ahead. This past week, Asha and I checked out Landmarc, one of the restaurants in the Time Warner Building (it's weird to have a mall in New York, but at least the food there is good - like the Bouchon Bakery).

We started off with the endive salad. I found it a little bitter, but then again, endives are bitter, so what was I expecting?

The cheese and nuts were a nice compliment to the endives. I found myself hunting for the bits of cheese and nuts while trying to avoid the leaves. Whoops! That's probably not the point of salad.

Asha had mussels - you can get them prepared a variety of ways, and she chose chorizo and onion (because it seemed different - you can get shallots, white wine and parsley anywhere).

They were very good - lots of flavor from the chorizo and yummy broth leftover to dip bread in and eat. I was a big fan.

(Dad, look away - don't scroll down any more, you're not going to like this)

Here comes one of my favorite dishes of all time.....be prepared to be a little grossed out if you're squeamish.

That's right, bone marrow. I love bone marrow. A lot. I will order it almost any time I see it on a menu. You've seen me eat bone marrow before. It is so delicious and creamy and decadent without being fancy or pretentious. You make a huge mess eating it - meat juices run down your face and grease gets everywhere. I feel super alive when I'm eating this - it takes all my concentration to dig out the marrow and then spread it with onion confit and sea salt. I pick and poke at every little bit and I'm not focused on anything else - just splitting apart bones and eating them. YUM!

So, I'd go back to Landmarc is what I'm saying, I think. I mean, they have bone marrow. And mussels. And some pasta specials that looked good as well. You should check it out.