Friday, October 29, 2010

Texas Food

Meredith and I had the chance for about three meals in Texas, so she showed me some iconic Texas cuisine: Mexican food, BBQ and "nuevo Texan food." First up: Mexican at Joe T's.

I may have disparaged it in the past, but I am here to eat my words. Tex-Mex is AMAZING. Who knew that hard taco shells could be delicious? I sure didn't.

Yes, that is rice and beans with two enchiladas and two tacos. And a margarita. I was really hungry. Meredith had chicken fajitas.

I'm sure they were good too.

Many hours later, we tried real Texas BBQ at Cousins.

I had brisket - very different from how I make it (haha).

Check out the pink ring around the edge. That means it's good. Meredith had ribs.

I've never been a ribs person, but I may be reforming. I love eating with my hands.

We had black eyed peas, fried okra and green beans on the side (not to mention the BBQ sauce). I don't really like BBQ sauce (at least not from a bottle), but this was good. Nice and tangy without too much smoky flavor.

Also, they have giant goblets of beer.

We then moved on to brunch at Tillmans.

I had skirt steak with a poached egg over smoky gouda grits.

It was absolute heaven. It's like all my favorite things together - runny eggs, juicy steak and cheese. Amazing. Who could ask for anything more?

All in all - Texas food is just super great. Especially when you have a wonderful guide like Meredith. Thanks for the great trip!

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