Sunday, May 23, 2010

The sun never sets on Britain

Cheerio, mate, we're still in Britain (if you couldn't tell by the picture above). Besides red telephone booths, Britain is also known for is curry (weirdly enough) (Okay - not that weirdly, Britain has a long standing record of going into bigger countries and trying to colonize them and then eventually people end up in the "mother country" and their food follows - but I digress). So, we headed out in search of some delicious curry.

We found some!

You have to go up a flight of stairs, past a hotel lobby.

It seems like a lot of trouble just to get to the food - but we heard the food was really good, so we braved the back stairway.

We ordered some giant Asian beers (I guess you can't tell in this picture - but they're like 40 oz) -

- and some food! We've got some sort of spicy chicken curry, "dry vegetables," and a masala dosa.

Dosas are like crepes filled with mashed potatoes. They are delicious and come with little bowls of lentil soup and coconut paste. You can also see our poori (fried bread).

Maybe I'm spoiled living in New York - I mean, the food was great! But is it better than the food we get in Jackson Heights? I don't think so. It still was great though. I'd go back.


David Borgen said...

love that indian food...don't know if i'da eaten anything else over there; maybe some other post-colonialist cuisines...db

Meredith said...

Yeah, the Indian isn't necessarily any better than what you get in New York. It was a fun little experience though.